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Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Research (JASER)

ISSN Print: 2691-6061

ISSN Online:  2691-607X

Frequency: Bi-monthly (6 issues per year)

Nature: Print and Online

Language of Publication: English

Review Policy: Double Blind Peer Review

Editor E-mail: editor@jaser-net.com

Website: www.jaser-net.com

Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Research (JASER)

Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Research (JASER) is a leading journals for publication of new ideas, JASER Journal forum of scholarly, researcher, academician research related to Science and Technology research. Journal is covered all Science and Technology related subjects and topics. This journal is having full access to the research and review articles. Publishes a wide range of high quality research articles in the field (but not limited to) given below.


Chemistry, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Pharmacy, Physics, Statistics, Animal Science, Sea Science, Biology, Micro Biology, Bio Engineering Chemical & Bio molecular Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering & Technology Management, Engineering Science, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Telecommunication, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Agriculture, Botany, Environmental Science, Forestry, Horticulture, Husbandry, Neuroscience, Zoology, Robotics and Automation, Nutrition & Food Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Textile Engineering, Transportation Science and so on.

E- First Publication:

Electronic-First Publication that an article is published as soon as it has completed the production cycle, i.e., after the page proofs are returned by the authors and prepared for electronic publication. Each article is published in its final form, including the final bibliographic citation. Readers can freely access or cite the article. New articles are added daily to the online journal, with the date of posting being listed as the publication date of the article. At monthly intervals these articles are collected together to make up the printed issues.